Mouse without Borders Keyboard Not Working

As someone who frequently uses Mouse without Borders to control multiple computers, nothing is more annoying than when the keyboard stops functioning properly. Despite moving the cursor seamlessly between devices, my keystrokes and shortcuts simply don’t register on the controlled PC. This effectively renders the nifty productivity app useless.

After trial and error, I discovered connectivity issues, software conflicts, etc. as primary reasons. The good news is switching to ethernet or updating drivers can get the input working again.

Read on to permanently resolve those keyboard failures.

Mouse without Borders Keyboard Not Working

Troubleshooting Tips for Fixing Keyboard Not Working Issue in Mouse without Border

There could be a few reasons why your keyboard has stopped working correctly with the Mouse without Borders app. Let’s go through the various troubleshooting techniques, from simple software tweaks to network changes, that should get your keyboard fully functional again.

Software Settings

The first set of troubleshooting steps involves checking and changing some software configurations:

Ensure Keyboard Sharing Is Enabled

The most common reason for a non-functioning keyboard is simply a disabled setting. Open the Mouse without Borders control panel on both computers. Under General settings, confirm that the Share keyboard checkbox is ticked.
Note – If you are using the updated version of the mouse without border then this solution won’t work as the developer has removed the option from there.

Check Keyboard Shortcuts 

Sometimes, conflicting keyboard shortcuts can interfere with Mouse without Borders. Review the software’s keyboard shortcut settings and ensure none conflicts with your existing shortcuts. Consider disabling or modifying them if necessary.

Following these software-side fixes for Mouse without Borders should hopefully get your shared keyboard working again. If not, there could be some network connectivity issues at play.

Connectivity Issues

Keyboard problems with Mouse without Borders usually stem from lost connections or suboptimal networks between the controlled/controller systems. Some things you can test are:

Verify Network Connectivity

Mouse without Borders relies on a stable network connection to share keyboard and mouse input. Ensure your computers are connected to the same network and can communicate with each other. You can check this by pinging the other computer’s IP address from the command prompt.

Check Firewalls And Antivirus Software

Firewalls and antivirus software can sometimes interfere with network communication. Try temporarily disabling them to see if the keyboard functionality returns. Remember to re-enable them after troubleshooting.

Restart The Mouse Without Borders Service

A simple restart of the Mouse without Borders service can often resolve minor glitches. Open the Windows Services app, locate the Mouse without Borders service, and click Restart.

With optimized network settings between your linked systems, Keyboard failure issues in Mouse without Borders should disappear. Hardware problems are less likely but still possible.

Software Updates And Reinstalls

If your keyboards have compatibility or corruption issues with the existing app versions, a few firmware and software update options are worth considering:

Update Mouse without Borders 

Outdated software versions can sometimes harbor bugs and compatibility issues. Check for available updates within the Mouse without Borders application itself. Download and install the latest version to ensure you’re using the most optimized software.

Reinstall Mouse without Borders 

If the issue persists, consider a clean reinstall of the software. Uninstall Mouse without Borders from both computers, followed by a fresh download and installation of the latest version.

These steps are time-consuming but help eliminate software and hardware conflicts even on older systems. Usually, keyboards not working issues originate from problems on the controlled PC rather than the controller.

Change Networking Setup

If your particular router or network topology has compatibility problems, changing the networking hardware setup can help resolve stubborn keyboard failures:

Try A Wired Connection 

If you’re using a wireless network, consider switching to a wired connection for increased stability. A wired connection can often eliminate connectivity issues that might be causing the keyboard to malfunction.

Change Network Adapter Settings 

Sometimes, specific network adapter settings can interfere with Mouse without Borders. Try changing the adapter’s properties, such as disabling IPv6 or changing the network type.

With rigorous troubleshooting across software settings, network configurations, and hardware factors, you should be able to narrow down what exactly about your setup causes the keyboard to misbehave and prevent corresponding input on the controlled PC. Applying the appropriate fix will then resolve your “mouse without borders keyboard not working” woe permanently!


Mouse without Borders is an incredibly useful productivity tool to control multiple PCs with a single keyboard/mouse. However, keyboard failures can instantly diminish all effectiveness. By systematically going through possible software conflicts, network drops and compatibility issues, you can diagnose what specifically makes your keyboard unresponsive.

Implementing the right troubleshooting fix, whether it’s a driver update, OS reinstall, WiFi change or router swap then gets your keyboard working perfectly again. You can then seamlessly operate multiple devices effortlessly. With the guidance in this article, your keyboard woes with Mouse without Borders should be history!

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