Is LED Keyboard Safe? Ultimate Explanation

On the Play Store, you will find different types of third-party keyboards that will provide you with a lot of customization options. Among them, LED keyboards are one of the popular choices of Android users. You can customize the keyboard and can provide different LED colors on it which make your phone’s interface different than others.

Now the question is, are these LED keyboards safe to use? There are 50-50 chances when it comes to safety. If there are any viruses then information can be passed and your privacy will be at risk!

We have discussed whether the LED keyboard app on Android is safe or not. To learn, be with us till the end and find out the actual answer to your question!

Is LED Keyboard Safe

Is LED Keyboard Safe to Use?

LED keyboards or third-party keyboard software can be vulnerable. Now you may ask why it is vulnerable. Well, we are using the phone’s keyboard in every aspect of our smartphone, aren’t we? 

We are logging on to our social accounts, doing payments, and writing the login or account password credentials using the keyboard. If there are viruses or the keyboard is storing the data then hackers can easily get our personal sensitive information. 

So, Is It Prohibited to Use an LED Keyboard App on Android?

It will depend on the downloading origin of the LED keyboard application on your Android phone. On Google Play Store, before launching an app there, it will need to pass some security phases. If there are any malicious things injected into the app, then Google won’t allow it on Play Store.

But if you have downloaded the LED Keyboard from Google or any other third-party app store, or website, then the app can contain malware

However, if you are willing to use an LED keyboard on your Android for endless customization then always download it from the Google Play store. And before downloading, check the review and amount of download. It will help you to identify whether the app is safe to use or not.

Bonus Tips: How to Ensure an App is Safe to Download?

There are a few parameters that you can check before downloading any software from the Google Play store. Check the followings parameter before downloading any keyboard application from the app store.

  • First, check with the App and developer name. If you have found any suspicious thing there, avoid the app.
  • Check with the version history. If the application is a popular one then it will have this section. And you will get the changes that were made during the update.
  • Check the download amount.
  • Check the reviews. If you found there is a negative review then avoid this app and look for other options.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Which is the safest keyboard?

The safest keyboard is the one that comes pre-installed with your phone. Also, you can try google keyboard, or Microsoft Swift keyboard as an alternative.

Is Hacker’s Keyboard app safe?

Yes, it is considered as safe. Because it is an open-source software and this kind of software is regarded as safe software.

Are GIF keyboards safe?

According to the app safety measures, GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) keyboards have data safety scores between 50 to 60%. It can be considered a safe one.


Lastly, it’s always better to use the pre-installed keyboard on your Android phone. But if you are not satisfied with the built-in one then go to the authentic app store or website and download the keyboard. Safety is the first priority of our life and a little research before downloading any LED keyboard app can secure your credential data.

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