iPad Keyboard Not Showing Up on Google

Oh man, have I got a story for you. I was trying to search for something on my iPad the other day, so I pulled up the Google app like I always do. But when I tapped in the search bar to type, no keyboard popped up! I tapped again, thinking maybe it was just a glitch. Nope, still no keyboard. I was so confused. How am I supposed to search if I can’t even bring up something to type with? I poked around the screen trying to figure out what was going on. Has this ever happened to you when using an iPad? Well, stick with me and I’ll walk you through how I fixed this little tech hiccup.

iPad Keyboard Not Showing Up on Google
iPad Keyboard

Is It Happening When Searching on Google or During Using the Google App

The issue of the iPad keyboard not showing up can happen in two main scenarios – when searching on the Google search engine in the Safari web browser or when using Google apps like Gmail, Google Docs, etc.

Let’s explore both these scenarios in more detail:

When searching on Google in the Safari browser, you may suddenly notice that the on-screen keyboard disappears as you try to enter your search term in the search bar. So you are unable to type anything into the search box.

This typically happens due to some glitch in iPadOS or the Safari browser which causes the keyboard to get stuck even though text input is required on the screen. It’s an annoying problem that prevents you from searching on Google from your iPad.

The second scenario is when using Google apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive etc. As you try to enter text by tapping on the text field, you realize the keyboard does not pop up at all.

This could happen when initially opening the app or while using the app. Again this points to some software glitch which causes the keyboard to freeze or disappear suddenly.

So in summary – the iPad keyboard may refuse to show up either when searching on Google web search in Safari or while entering text in Google apps. Let’s look at potential fixes for both issues.

What are the Reasons Behind the iPad Keyboard Ghosting Issue on Google?

There could be a few reasons why your iPad’s keyboard is not showing up on Google or Google apps:

Software Glitches

As mentioned earlier, iPadOS glitches are a common culprit. The iPadOS software manages when system keyboards appear and disappear. Some bugs in an iPadOS version can cause the keyboard to get stuck or freeze at times.

Similarly, bugs in certain Google apps could also prevent the keyboard from working properly. Outdated app versions usually tend to have such issues.

Keyboard App Conflicts

If you use third-party keyboard apps on your iPad, they could sometimes conflict with the system keyboard. So when Google is expecting the standard iPadOS keyboard, a third-party keyboard may fail to initialize properly.

Third-Party Software Issue

When you enable Allow Full Access for a third-party keyboard, you’re granting it more than just typing functionality. This permission allows the keyboard access to network resources, potentially enabling features like personalized predictions, cloud-based dictionaries, and even GIF integration. However, it also means that the keyboard could be sending what you type to its own servers.

Bluetooth Keyboard Interference

If you have devices like a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard paired to your iPad, it can sometimes interfere with the touchscreen keyboard. The system gets confused about whether to show the touch keyboard or rely on the Bluetooth keyboard for input.

Task Switching Issues

Rapidly switching between apps or tasks can also confuse iPadOS sometimes. For example, if you switch from another app to Google search quickly, the keyboard may freeze in the previous state and fail to show up in Google.

As you can see, the iPad keyboard is a complex piece of software-hardware integration. A minor hiccup in this integration can easily prevent your keyboard from working as expected at times.

How to Bring the iPad Keyboard Back on Google?

Thankfully there are a few troubleshooting tips you can try out to make the errant keyboard show up again.

Use Another Browser

If you are facing the no-keyboard issue specifically when searching on Google in Safari, try launching another browser like Chrome or Firefox.

See if the keyboard works properly there when attempting to search on Google. Sometimes switching browsers resets any stuck keyboard states in iPadOS.

If the keyboard works fine in an alternative browser, then the issue is with Safari. You can reset Safari to defaults or clear website data and caches using Safari settings.

Disable Third Party Keyboard

If you have installed custom third-party keyboard apps from the App Store, temporarily disable them in iPadOS Settings.

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > third-party keyboard > Allow Full Access > Off. Many third-party keyboards have bugs that prevent the default system keyboard from loading properly in some situations.

Once you disable third-party keyboards, check if the system keyboard works normally across all apps including Google and Google apps.

Disconnect Bluetooth Keyboard

If you have any Bluetooth keyboards or mice paired with your iPad, temporarily disconnect them by turning off Bluetooth or forgetting the devices. See if the on-screen touch keyboard starts working properly again.

As discussed before, Bluetooth input devices can sometimes interfere with and prevent the touchscreen keyboard from loading up.

Restart Your iPad

The simplest fix to refresh all software and hardware states is to restart your iPad. Press and hold the Power button on top till you see the Power off slider. Drag the slider to turn off the device.

After 30 seconds or so, power back on. As it reboots check if the keyboard works properly across various apps including Google Search and other Google apps.

Restarting refreshes all aspects of the software and clears up any minor glitches that could have prevented the keyboard from loading up.

What If the iPad’s keyboard isn’t Showing up on Google Apps?

If you are using Google apps like Gmail, Docs, or Drive on your iPhone or iPad and find that the keyboard is not showing up when trying to enter text, then here are some troubleshooting tips:

When you have different versions of the Google app on your iPhone and iPad, it can lead to a number of problems, including the keyboard not showing up. This happens because the two versions may be expecting different things from each other, causing communication errors and unexpected behavior.

Improved Compatibility: Different versions of the app may have different underlying code and features. This can create compatibility issues when the two versions try to interact with each other. By updating both versions to the latest version, you ensure they are using the same codebase and protocols, minimizing the risk of conflicts.

Enhanced Stability: Older versions of the app may contain bugs and glitches that have been fixed in later versions. By updating both versions, you benefit from the latest bug fixes and improvements, leading to a more stable and reliable user experience.

Consistency in Features: New features are often added in newer versions of the app. If your iPhone and iPad are running different versions, you may experience inconsistencies in the features available to you. Updating both versions ensures you have access to the same set of features and functionality.

Also, compare the Google app behavior on both iPhone and iPad. If the keyboard works properly on iPhone but not on iPad, then reset the particular iPad app’s data and preferences from Settings.

The issue could be specific to some corrupted data for the app on that device.


In summary, there could be a few causes for iPad keyboard refusal to show up on Google search or Google apps – iPadOS bugs and glitches, third-party keyboard conflicts, Bluetooth device interference etc.

Thankfully there are troubleshooting tips you can try to resolve the keyboard not showing the issue – toggling Airplane mode, switching browsers, disabling third-party keyboards, restarting your device etc.

Persist trying these solutions in sequence till your iPad keyboard begins working properly again across Google and other apps. Don’t forget to keep your various Google apps updated.

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